Our workshops are suitable for regular schools or art schools, as an accompanying program for festivals, as a part of a teambuilding, or for any interested group of people. In addition to learning new things, it is a pleasant meeting, adventure and increase of knowledge, wonderful atmosphere and unforgettable experience. Workshops can be very short, for example one hour, or longer – a few hours, or even longer – a whole day or several days. We propose a brief offer of the workshop topics. Naturally, workshops can be combined and adjusted according to your wishes.  

Clown workshop:   Everybody has a clown within themselves, they just need to be woken up… The discovery of the clown within us; through movement, improvisation and play. You will be surprised what is hidden in side of you.

Movement and pantomime workshop:   Work with the body and its individual parts. Fundamentals of pantomime, work with imaginary props. Breathing and rhythmic exercises. Non-verbal communication. The creation of movement and pantomime pieces.

Balloons workshop:   Creating of favourite animals and shapes from balloons.

Juggler´s workshop

Clown Shows



St. Nicholas

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