Inviting a juggler and comical entertainer to my own wedding went down a teat!
That is why I am offering it to you now and I dare to recommend it to everybody.    
My friend Pupa the juggler came after lunch, when everybody was relaxing, and modestly he prepared his acts. Then he started to perform. Within a few minutes everybody was shaking with laughter. This continued until the end. Both newlyweds, our parents and guests were enjoying themselves from the beginning to the end. The show was unique, you can never forget something like this. Pupa even managed all this in two languages, English and Czech, and he didn’t forget the children, for whom he had a wonderful surprise.   

In the evening fire juggling took place – performed by a group of fire jugglers from Brno, who made the guests totally breathless. .

Our wedding as a whole was a little unconventional, but unforgettable, thanks to above mentioned performance. “I have never seen such a wonderful wedding”, was a frequent comment made by the wedding guests. And I must confirm, as a bride, I have never attended such a wonderful wedding myself :-)

That is why I am offering you a similar experience for your big day.  Sylva

You can choose:
Juggler Pupa
Fireshow - Spectacular fire juggling. It takes place outside when dark.
Clown show for children - If you have more children at your wedding and you want to amuse them while the adults are having fun, one of the ideal solutions is to engage a clown, who entertains the children for some time. Mothers are invited too, if they want to join. 

Clown Shows



St. Nicholas


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