Promotion and street theatre

Salesmen have been using theatre from old times until now as an effective tool for supporting sales or as thanks to their customers. This is still the case these days and there is a strong place for theatre in promotion besides the conventional media.
We can create and realize an interesting attraction or promotion according to your wishes and ideas. We present a few interesting events we prepared for our clients to be performed at exhibitions and trade fairs, in shops or in the streets.

Stilt walkers  and jugglers walking on stilts. A true favourite with many clients. You won’t stand a chance of missing these tall creatures!
Statues - Like from a different world, they stay still, unexpectedly they move and entertain walkers passing by. Or they are moving very slowly. In different colours and costumes according to your ideas. Very succesfull promotion.
Pantomime - Mime sketches or slapsticks on varied topics.
Balloon show -  Favoured show, when clowns make varied animals and shapes from balloons and give them away to passing by children.
Unicycle - rarely seen art of riding a unicycle. Clown on unicycle is unique.
Fireshow - very effective juggling with fires. From two fire jugglers to a group of many jugglers.

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Clown Shows



St. Nicholas


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