Party for adults

Are you celebrating an important anniversary or a significant event?

What about improving it and preparing a little surprise for your guests in the form of a juggler’s performance? The juggler not only juggles anything possible, he also entertains you so extraordinarily that you will shake your sides. He involves your friends and acquaintances in the show, for which they will not easily forgive you ;-)  First of all, the clown gives your party a really good atmosphere and mood. And that‘s what matters.    

Or imagine your guests coming to the party and being met at the door by a person who is one meter taller than anybody else and shakes hands with them. Later on two slowly moving living statues can appear or mimes, who entertain you with their gentle and spontaneous pantomime.  

After consulting your ideas we can offer you another form of entertainment or attraction. 

Clown Shows



St. Nicholas

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