Sylva van Loon – has entertained children and adults as a clown for more than ten years. She performs at parties, celebrations, at shopping centre programmes and or any desired location. She also performs as a clini-clown at hospitals and geriatric wards. She took part in theatre festivals in the Netherlands and France. She is a graduate of the Theatre Faculty of the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts and a participant in many international clown courses and workshops. Occasionally she is a tutor in clown and motion workshops. Skills, specialization: slapstick comedy, juggling, conjuring, balloons, stilts, pantomime

Pupa – one of the best and most noted jugglers and comic entertainers in the Czech Republic. He is also a musician, clown, unicycle rider, magician, actor and lover. We regularly see him at municipal feasts and fairs and other events.. He performs not only in the Czech Republic, but abroad as well, for example in the United States, Korea and regularly at festivals in Sicily. He masters two languages glibly – Czech and English. His specialization: juggling everything possible, unicycle, stilts, fireshow, conjuring, balloons, and playing the guitar.  

Jan Šprynar – has performed as a clown and actor for several years. He has also attended clown workshops and recently for music club production and creative promotion. He worked as a technician and actor in the Polárka Theatre in Brno. His specialization: clown, juggling, balloons and making of juggling equipment.

Jitka Říčařová – performs as a clini-clowns at hospitals and geriatric wards. She is a graduate of University in Hradec Králové, field: special pedagogy. She studies at Theatre Academy of Music and Performing in Prague and she was a participant in many international clown courses and workshops. She is a founder of the civic society Divadelta. Skills, specialization: slapstick comedy, workshops, balloons, puppets

Honza Hrubec – is a graduate of the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, specialization alternative dramatic art. He is a member of the Bořivoj Theatre in Prague and his Wooden Theatre in Nové Město na Moravě offers six puppet plays. He is a clini-clown as well. Moreover, he goes in for tutoring. His specialization: puppets, clowns and workshops.

Katka Hurychová – has cooperated with the Facka Theatre in Brno since 2000. She performs in several open air plays. She has been a mime for almost fifteen years and recently she became a clini-clown as well. Her specialization: mime, stilts, balloons and clowns.

Sabina Fránová – she studied Art of painting – subjekt: applied painting. Except of painting pictures, she plays also theatre and organizes entertainting programs for children. She performs as a clini-clown and she was a participant in many international clown courses and workshops in Vienna. She also performs in Pilsen theatre Dráček.

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