Clown Shows

We offer several themed clown shows:

A Clown at School:
Bibi provides music, conjuring or juggling lesson. But she gets confused and makes a rather big muddle of it. Thanks to the children she finally manages to conjure a lot of surprises and above all a lot of fun!

Clown’s Olympics:
The kids compete in unconventional clown arts, which first of all amuse them and make them laugh. The winners get a beautiful and delicious prize.

Looking for the Circus:
Two clowns lost their way and cannot find their beautiful circus tent. With the help of the children they start a new, even more wonderful circus, with jugglers, rope dancers, conjurers and wild animal tamers.

The Hubert’s Circus.
The director of the circus is a clown of his own. The circus consists of a juggler, the spectators are struck dumb by horror when watching the taming of wild animals, hold their breath watching acrobats and have fun with a group of trained poodles. 


Clown Shows



St. Nicholas


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